Thursday, December 4, 2008

Game Six Remembered

Don't ever forget. Ever. What was done by this man was something that was unforgivable. If ever there was a player for whom Leafs fans should express their utter disdain and desire for vengeance upon, it is this man. The NHL has had wonderful heroes, and even a few classic villains, but there's only ever been one man who was The Great One: The Greatest Villain Of All-Time, Walter's least favorite son.

Tonight the Leafs take to the ice in Phoenix against the Coyotes, and while I bear no malice toward either the city nor the team, the man behind their bench is an evil man and I will not let it go unprotested. I touched on this subject once before, in fact, it's probably the highlight of my very first post. See under GAME SIX: Special Feature "The Greatest Screw Job Ever In The History Of Sports". Here's a recap, which I've re-written for the occasion:

Final Four, 1993, Game Six. Overtime. The Leafs are killing a penalty thanks to Creepy Glenn Anderson. Gilmour has possession of the puck and before he can clear the zone and kill off the penalty, Gretzky, in clear view of referee Kerry Fraser, stabs Dougie in the chin. Our beloved 'Killer drops to the ice and Fraser blows his whistle. When Gilmour stands up again, blood is clearly gushing from a hockey-blade-sized wound below his mouth. The arena suddenly goes quiet for a moment. Everyone turns to look at number 99, and he knows... the moment has come!

The doors to the penalty box never open. No arms are ever raised and there are no discussions with the linesman over who saw what. "5-and-a-game?" and "what about Dave Andreychuk?" are meaningless whispers from a confused and disoriented audience. While the linesman attempt to organize a face-off in the Leafs zone, The Great One contemplates his destiny........ and then!

With the blood of his opponent still wet on his stick, Gretzky ends the game, laughing wildly at the sheer treachery of it all.

Dougie's blood was on that puck. Dougie's blood was in the back of the net.

And the Great One laughed like a loony mad scientist about to blow up the earth. He was now "the Greatest Villain of All Time". It was "the Greatest Screw Job Ever in the History of Sports".

Never forget. Ever. What he did was unforgivable.

He is Evil.


Down Goes Brown said...

(Repeatedly punching self in the adam's apple.)

general borschevsky said...

Ouch. I hope you're okay, DGB. That hurts just to think about.

Kinda like my post...! I think I just got your point.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Dougie's blood was on that puck. Dougie's blood was in the back of the net

I never thought about it like that.

Makes it even tougher to deal with.

Cheers, General.