Friday, December 19, 2008

The Brutal!

"My dream and the best scenario would be if I ended my career as a Toronto MapleLeaf."

"I would say from talking to Mats he has a soft spot for Toronto. We had lengthy conversations with him. Again, I don't think it was the right fit or right direction for us right now."

Mats Sundin, nothing left to live for, signs with Vancouver.

I don't believe this was his first choice. I believe this was his only choice. He deserved better. So did we. The real villains here are JFJ, Paul Maurice, and Raycroft, whose incompetence soured the atmosphere around the Maple Leafs so badly that virtually the entire team had to be torn apart and deconstructed.

Farewell, Mats. We won't forget. We will forgive. This wasn't your choice, or ours. I realize that now. It's just the way these things go sometimes. That's just the way it is. Doesn't mean it isn't brutal, but we'll get over it and pull through eventually. We always do. I'm not gonna wish you luck though. From now on, Mats, you're on your own. I hope Vancouver has an even more disasterous season this year then we did last year. It's nothing personal, Mats. I just hate the Canucks now. They're the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.



blurr1974 said...

"The suckiest bunch of suck."

truer words have never been blogged...

Tony said...

Yeah I don't think ANYONE (let alone Mats) thought of Vancouver for him until the 20 million was on the table...

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

That suckiest bunch of sucks is second in the Northwest division, always one of hockey's toughest. They're treading water and staying afloat without their number one goalie.

You're right, they do suck.

general borschevsky said...

Thanks blurr!

Welcome to the General Area, DSBT! Thanks for drooping by!

Hey eyebleaf! How's India?

...Northwest division, always one of hockey's toughest.

Huh? Maybe the travel schedule is the toughest. Right now only the pathetic South-East division has a lower points total for a division. The North-West might be the most balanced division, but no way is it the toughest.

Also, my reference to sucking was just a reflection of my taste, and not an objective analysis of their talent or performance so far. But, just for fun:

Last year after 32 games they were 17-12-3. This year after 32 games they are 1 game better at 18-11-3. They finished the year last year losing 7 of their last 8 and finished last in the NW division, 3 points out of the playoffs. Their leading scorer is Daniel (shudder) Sedin. Their top producer on the powerplay is Kyle Wellwood. Their Captain is not a real Captain under the rules of competitive hockey (in any league), he's just the only real marquee player they have. They have a record of 4-5-1 in their last ten games. Only the Islanders, Atalanta, Tampa, St. Louis, and Minnesota have picked up fewer points in that span. The future for Vancouver is not bright. What we went through last year, what Ottawa is going through this year, that's what Vancouver has in front of them next year or the year after.

Please don't go changing your name to eyebcanuck!