Friday, August 8, 2008


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about fourteen pictures to go along with song lyrics that everybody recognizes! What's that worth? At least 14,056 words, - probably way more. I did this once before, but I think more people will recognize The Beatles then The Littlest Hobo. There's nothing really insightful here, just some colours and a familiar melody. It won't make you laugh out loud or want to tell your friends, but it might pass the boredom for about 20 seconds if you need a short break from reality. In any case, it doesn't take long. Unfortunately we couldn't get Sir Paul McCartney to join us and lend his voice to our blog (due to my close relationship with Heather Mills, and his spiteful nature), however, if you listen very carefully, that really is Ringo Starr playing the drums. He's great.

He's a real Nowhere-Mats,

Living in his Sundin-land,
Making all his Nowhere-plans,
For nobody

Doesn't have a point of view,
Knows not where he's giong to,
Isn't he a bit like you,
And me

Nowhere-Mats, please listen,

You don't know what you're missin',

Sundin, man, The world is at your command

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