Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holy Cow, It's Nostalgic!

What a strange day. And what a strange way to leave town. That's what PPP might be thinking. I wonder what's goin' through Sundin's head?

Scene: (lobby of a fancy hotel) The captain, Mats, dressed as Humphrey Bogart, tips his hat, quietly puts on his raincoat, and without turning around to wave goodbye, just an ever so slight glance over the shoulder, steps through the hotel's gold and glass revolving doors, disappearing as it turns. Silently it spins as one second, then another passes when suddenly, emerging from the other side and into the hotel lobby again, it's ..! Cito Gaston wearing a Blue Jays uniform? Huh?

Welcome back, Cito, I guess. Do you know Cliff? Surely, you guys bumped into each other at a cocktail party back in '93. Ah, the good old days. Not at all like today, where the biggest news should be that the greatest player who was ever a MapleLeaf is no longer a MapleLeaf. Instead, we get a heavy dose of nostalgia.

1993 is a popular year on this blog, but I feel like I'm watching a Star Trek episode where characters from the past are interrupting the present to warn about a future that looks exactly like the past, except it's a re-run that I've seen before and now I can't figure out if this sense of deja-vu is real or if time is actually moving backwards or if I'm just stoned. Did the Sly Fox just make a dramatic move at the Draft Table? Was it for Wendel? Does Cito shoot left?

Back in reality, despite the Habs bold play for the former Leaf captain, Mats might not sign with Montreal. I remember what he said once about a trade rumour to the Canadiens. He used a profanity. True, it would be a great team for him to play for because of the key players they have, but he might feel that if he's not playing for the Leafs, why sign with anybody before July 1st? At least, for ego's sake, see what the market will flatter him with. I'm also thinking he might enjoy spending less time being an NHL Superstar when he's not on skates, and more time being a regular person. That won't happen in Montreal. Despite Koivu, Kovalev, and Carbonneau, Mats' presence in hockey-mad, french-goalie-worshipping, police-car-burning Montreal would be huge. Enormous. It'd be like Bill Clinton becoming the president of Mexico.

So I actually don't think Mats will sign with Montreal, but maybe the Habs know something I don't. I also don't think he'll be back here though, either. For Cliff, it's a win-sorta win situation. If Sundin does sign with Montreal, then I guess we get something in return. If he doesn't, at least it looks like he tried. Which is the other reason I think Mats won't sign with Montreal. I think he might be a bit miffed that Cliff tried to swing any deal. Unless he approved it, which then begs the question, why hasn't he signed yet? According to Fletcher: "It took you guys (Toronto's best investigative sports writers) a while to find out... It would have been better if you hadn't found out". Funny thing to say. Makes me wonder who let the cat out of the bag.

Sundin's agent had this to say: "At this point Mats hasn't decided if he wants to play, let alone where". Doesn't sound like someone who's said, "Yes, give them the green-light". Sounds more like, "Piss off, I'm enjoying my vacation".

Bon Voyage, Captain!

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