Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Word Is Leaf: September

Here's a round-up of the month's best quotes. If you've heard a good one that I've missed feel free to throw it in the comments with a link. And if just one person lets me know that they liked this idea, I'll try to keep doing it for every month of the season. Cheers.

"He showed me that I don't know how sharp his skates are because he can't stop when there's a turnover. He goes for a big skate."
-Ron Wilson on Kadri

“That’s the cruelty of this game and the cruelty of the NHL. Other guys are better than you. You’ve got to work hard to get back into the good books of the coaches."
- Assistant Coach Tim Hunter

“I had to go the tailor and let out every single one of my suits in the ass. Two hundred bucks worth of tailoring because my friggin’ rear got bigger.”
-Luca Caputi

"Can you control your Dad? I love my Dad, but I don't agree with everything my father says."
-Tomas Kaberle

“This speculation that Jeff Finger has been earmarked for assignment, I don’t think is fair to Jeff,”
-Brian Burke

“We’re going to send an e-mail to all the teams tomorrow informing that he’s available and how hard he works and what a good guy he is."
-Brian Burke on Wayne Primeau

"I have a special spot in my heart for Wayne, but it's an uphill climb for him,"
-Ron Wilson on Primeau

"I still enjoy being around the guys, I still enjoy playing the game. Thirty-four is not old, but on this team, it's not young."
-Wayne Primeau

“It had to be done. I think the refs had to get to a game in Montreal."
-11th round shoot-out hero and new locker room funny-guy, Colby Armstrong

"I think preseason is my playoffs."
- a somewhat perplexed Matt Lashoff

"No one is going to remember these games."
-Mike Komisarek,with an alternate view

"Hey, hey Bozie! I've been looking for you! We're on the same team tomorrow!''
-Phil Kessel to Tyler Bozak

"Don’t go looking for it, but it’s bound to happen and you have to be sure you are ready to protect yourself and put a beating on the other guy."
-Christian Hanson

“It’s kind of nice to fly under the radar and quietly go about my business.”
The Tim Brent joke reaches its zenith.

“We have the best fans in the world. It’s unbelievable what we have. No matter where we go, there is blue and white. But I sense some fatigue. I sense some real frustration and impatience.”
-Brian Burke

"Win games, that’s it.”
- Phil Kessel's only goal

"You can't just melt when someone criticizes you. That's not the way to be, that's not being mentally tough."
-Nazem Kadri


Screaming Will said...

I like it.

general borschevsky said...

Thanks Screaming Will! Consider it a series then.

kidkawartha said...

Not only Cheese resemble Harlan Williams, it appears he's got his sense of humour as well. This will be a great series.

general borschevsky said...

Cheers kidk! I already like Armstrong a lot.

Anonymous said...

Love it GB! Keep it going. I just read a funny quote from Alex Kovalev today. I know it should be a Leaf quote, but it was in response to getting an ass-whooping from a Leaf, so it's just as good. Commenting on his "fight" with Francois Beauchemin, he said, "I was trying to hurt him with my head"

Anonymous said...

I also highly enjoyed Versteeg's comment comparing his hockey IQ to his "school IQ"

Also, in the feel good spirit of the Jays at the moment, Bautista's comment about having "murdered every Orioles pitcher this summer" might be apt.

Navin Vaswani (@eyebleaf) said...

Hope it indeed becomes a feature.

general borschevsky said...

Thanks for the contributions Anonymous! I saw Kovalev's quote this morning. What a goof. He's lucky Beauchemin didn't pound him permanently silly.

Cheers eyebleaf! And so it shall be.