Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rowdy Grabbo And Cowboy Colt

Just wanted to share something funny I noticed thanks to a comment by DGB at, where else, PensionPlanPuppets.

"When did Grabbo turn into Roddy Rowdy Piper?"

Well, if Grabbo is Rowdy Roddy Piper, then Colton Orr must be Cowboy Bob Orton.

The resemblance is striking and the roles are about the same.
"We're real men... We're the kind of people that come out to fight."

Should be a fun year with Rowdy Grabbo stirring things up like a hilariously popular super-villain now that he has a bodyguard in Cowboy Colton Orr to stand in his corner and watch his back. We may not win every match, but at least our rivals will hate us even more, and we will always, always, have the last laugh.


sleza said...

I almost bandwagoned to root for Belarus because of Grabbo...

Down Goes Brown said...

Mr. Blunderful = Ryan Hollweg

Jaredoflondon said...

Yokozuna = Wellwood
The Undertaker = Gary Roberts

general borschevsky said...

Hey sleza! I wouldn't be surprised if many Leaf fans adopt Belarus as their second favorite international team. Or maybe third favorite, after Finalnd.

@DGB and Jared: I was gonna say King Kong Kyle Bundy for Wellwood.

And a glove tap to palmateerlover who suggested Alfie for the role of "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka taking a pineapple to the head instead of a coconut. Perfect.