Monday, September 29, 2008

How Probably Became Certainly

This just in:

News Flash!!!

"well, we're probably not going to win the Stanley Cup, there's a news flash for you"

Thanks Mr. Wilson. We'll be following this story all season long to see how it develops, but early on, the projection looks accurate. We should start seeing regular updates from multiple sources from this point on, right up to the moment "probably" becomes "certainly". However, many questions remain, and the media (y'know, the guys in the colourful baggy pants, big shoes, and painted faces, trying to see how many of them they can fit into one car) and Leaf fans (y'know, the guys in the dark blue power-suits, blogging away in their fabulous corner offices, 42 stories up at King and Bay, while the economy goes to hell) will endeavor to present a clearer picture in time.

Questions And Developments

How will "probably" become "certainly"? Will the Leafs be so far out of it by January that making the playoffs will be a statistical impossiblity? Could they maybe keep pace with the other playoff-doubtfuls for most of the season, missing out on the post-season by just a few points? Is a playoff appearance and then an early first round exit going to be the route to not winning the Cup? Or could we see a surprising playoff charge through mutiple rounds, unlikely heroes and stunning upsets, before finally falling to a cruel and controversial fate? Will it be heartbreak or ho-hum? There are so many paths towards not winning the Cup, each more unremarkable and forgetable then the next, and yet every step will be recorded and detailed until a specific direction is chosen.

Well, maybe we should just wait and see.

" ... "!

This is different.

Smooooth sailing.

Peaceful. Relaxing.

What time is it now, anyways?


I'm bored.

I know! Maybe we could fill the mindless gaps between things that happen with mindless speculation about what might happen next, or why what just happened keeps happening, again and again! Sounds interesting, and it might even be fun.

Analysis And More Questions

Looking ahead to the 2009-2010 season, for which hope has not yet been extinguished, our failed veterans will have had one more year of defeat under their belts, and the fans, one more year of No Cup to celebrate. Who will emerge as a leading culprit for this inability to challenge for a championship next? Which position will be declared the most inept? How many of these youngsters will blossom and how many of the veterans will be around for another journey? Who should we sign as a free-agent? Third-liners for draft picks - is that crazy or what? Wow, I couldn't be having more fun unless there was actually something happening. But since there isn't, this is what I'll do until something actually is.

And now - A Way Around Asking Ron Wilson Questions He Doesn't Like

Several players with little or no NHL experience (Schenn, Earl, Mitchell, Frogren) have performed well at camp so far, but look like they might have dry-scalps. Is the roster going to be flexable enough to allow these players to gain more NHL experience or is there a type of shampoo-conditioner that you can recommend?

Justin Pogge had a tough night the other night, but he still looks like an exciting prospect with marquee potential. Are we looking at a "star of the future" here, or is there something worth looking forward to in the new Will Farrel movie, Land of the Lost, due out in June?

Championships, in any sport, are hard to come by, but the stated goal for the Toronto Maple Leafs is "to win the Stanley Cup. Period." However, having conceeded that as a most unlikely scenario for this season, what will be the goals we hope to achieve, as we try to measure success against failure, and will you be appearing again at Woodbine Racetrack in the near future?

I know this post is ridiculous and doesn't make any sense, and to be honest, I'm not even sure what my angle is here. I like Ron Wilson. I think he looks great and he talks tough. He has the right attitude as far as I'm concerned, and there's lots to be excited about right now if you're a Leaf fan. I only hope he warms up to being asked questions about the Leafs a little bit, because, well, someday, I'd like to sit down and interview Ron Wilson for real. I've already put one unrealistic fantasy - winning the Cup -to sleep for the year. I'd like to hold on to the other for just a little longer.


eyebleaf said...

I'm an idiot, and will not put the fantasy of Toronto winning the Stanley Cup away until we are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. So, the beginning of March.

general borschevsky said...

Awesome. Cheers eyebleaf. That's kind of how I feel. You've summed it up nicely. I thought there might be a point in there somewhere.