Saturday, September 6, 2008

General Images: Exclusive Festival Cup Photos!

If you missed the summary of the game, my last post has it covered and then some. (I found greener!) As Damien might say, maybe you'll laugh your head off, but then maybe you won't.

The Event
The Festival Cup for Right To Play.

The Opening Face-Off
That really is Mats and that really is Dougie shaking hands at centre ice. Breathtaking.

The first and only star of the game. Still has it.

A Fight!!!
Tim Robbins (see Bob Roberts, and The Player, awesome movies), wearing an Obama '08 jersey, beats up a McCain supporter on team Republican, whoops, I mean, team Red.
Gettin' pounded at a charity game is a bit sad.

The Reunion
Beautiful picture of Sundin and Sir Gary Roberts getting reacquainted during the warm up skate. Two of the most outstanding gentlemen and hockey players to ever play for Toronto. Weird that Sundin has the wrong team's socks on.

The Captain
Despite the fact that the red team squandered a 6-2 lead and lost, 9-8 in a shootout, it was great to see the former Leaf Captain. In fact, it was strikingly like old times. I personally have a great deal of admiration and respect for Sundin as an athelete, and as a person, and I really appreciate the comments he made while he was in town:

"The fans in Toronto certainly deserve to have a team that competes for the Stanley Cup every year. Whatever happens to me — whether I'm not going to play anymore or whatever happens — I think Toronto's always the team in my heart."

Pure class. We know what it's like to come back. We feel it, too.

"... it definitely feels like coming home, for sure."


eyebleaf said...

nice pics, man. i was touched by mats' comments as well.

general borschevsky said...

Cheers, eyebleaf! Really glad you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun and worked out really well. As for Mats, I was surprised he said as much as he did. And it's definately not the last time he skates off ACC ice. At the very worst, he'll be back for next year's Festival Cup.