Monday, September 22, 2008

The Blood Of My Chief: A Footnote

Despite the earth-shattering success and popularity of The Blood Of My Chief series, a fifth instalment is not currently scheduled. Vol. V, tentatively titled Anyone Can Bleed, has been cancelled until further notice due to a lack of interest. Recently our publishers became aware of the comments made by Leaf head coach Ron Wilson, printed below alongside our reaction.

"I don't know if at the moment, we need a Captain, or how important that is."


"You don't have to put a C on anybody. You put that on the lineup sheet so the referees know. You don't have to let the whole world know."

Ah... okay. Um....

"I'm not worried about whether the fans need a captain or the media need a Captain."

But -

"Not one minute have I worried about who the Captain is or whether that's an important issue right now. It's not."

Yes, sir.

"It's not about the Captain or all this other stuff."

Yes, of course. Sorry, sir.

So there'll be no Captain this season, at least for now, and all this other stuff, like The Blood Of My Chief and my blog and conventional wisdom that says having a Captain is important, can all go suck a tasty lemon. Besides, it's really not a very original idea.

Footnote to the Footnote: Anyone Can Bleed would make a good name for Leafs blog.

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