Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Leaf of the Week: 10/20/10 - Phil Kessel

I've added a new feature to my sidebar - the Leaf of the Week. I'll try to update it every Wednesday and occasionally write a post to compliment it. Last week's Leafs of the Week for the first week of the season was the Assist Ninja-turned-Sniper Ninja, Clarke MacArthur, who scored 4 goals, including 2 game-winners in the first 3 games. Congratulations Clarke for the great start!

The Leaf of the Week for the second week of the season is none other then the Mighty Phil Kessel. In 2 games, Kessel has scored 3 of the Leafs 5 goals, and assisted on another. Two of his 3 goals were on the powerplay - one of those breaking Roloson's shutout and tying the game with 2:05 left in the 3rd, and the other for the game-winner in OT against the Rangers.
3 points in the standings directly related to Phil Kessel's incredible release. When you talk about Kessel, you really are talking about vital contributions. And without them we'd be in a completely different boat.
Kessel's 7 points have given him an early lead in team scoring and it's doubtful that anyone will catch him now that he's ahead. His 4 points in 2 games is an outstanding response to the short benching he received last week against Pittsburgh.

I had a bad game and I said I wouldn’t do it again.”

Well, bad games are bound to happen from time to time, but that's the kind of determination and character that leads to MVP seasons. With a solid supporting cast in place, every shift from Kessel now has the potential to be a game-breaker and the difference between winning and losing. It's an opportunity for Kessel to really shine and grab the glory, and thus far, he's making the most of it.

Congratulations Phil Kessel, our second Leaf of the Week!

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kidkawartha said...

He's like a puppy- Wilson: "Bad Bert!"