Sunday, November 8, 2009

Behind The Monster

I like the word unfathomable. It's a good word to describe the effect that the Monster is having on the Toronto Maple Leafs.Last night Gustavsson turned aside 35 of 36 shots, and despite the fact that the Leafs managed to score 5 goals, it's the goaltender's stats that are fascinating me at the moment.

In his last 3 starts, Gustavsson has faced 104 shots, turning aside 99, for a .951 SV% and a 1.66 GA while the Leafs have picked up 5 out of 6 points.Three games is a small sample size, but so far the Monster looks comfortable at the ACC with 1-1-1 record and a stunning 1.65 GA and .941 SV% in three home games.

The Leafs are currently on a 7-game point streak that began with the return of the Monster to the line-up in Anahiem. Gustavsson has started all but one since then - a 5-4 OT loss to Montreal - as the Leafs have picked up 10 of a possible 14 points.
In 5 starts, Toskala has allowed 4 goals once, 5 goals twice, 7 goals once, and was yanked once after allowing 3 in the opening period. Gustavsson has allowed 4 in one game only - an OT goal against Dallas - and has kept the opposition to 2 goals or fewer four times in seven starts.

"He's made big saves at key times. When you've got that in goal, it gives you confidence."

"The way Gustavsson played was unbelievable. I don’t know what to say about him, doing that two games in a row."
Kessel When you do get saves and the goalie bails people out, obviously you appreciate him even more."

"The whole bench gets pretty excited when they see the saves he can pull off."
Wilson, again"

We get excited. He's been outstanding. He's making key saves at key times and he did a tremendous job all night."
"He's made some saves that I call game-changers. Right at the key times and they've been outstanding. Last night and tonight, he was the difference. It was good to see."
Blake, again

"He has been huge for us the last five or six games, he just never gives up on a play. Even in practice, you think you have him beat and he just slides over and makes a big save."


Robot Godzilla said...

Is it me or did Detroit look oddly familiar last night playing without confidence in front of a weak goalie?

Down Goes Brown said...

Outstanding use of photos.

general borschevsky said...

Hey, R.G.! Gustavsson's presence is amazing and seems to give the whole team confidence. It's really refreshing to see and the difference with Tosakala (or Osgood) is stark and striking.

Cheers, DGB.

Hungry Leafs Fan said...

Great post. The Monster is all that he was hyped up to be. I can't even say The Monster had a weak game against Minnesota since it took two lucky goals (Havlat's bank goal and the one off Kaberle), a 5 on 3 goal and a goal where he was hung out to dry to beat him. Will you be heading to the signing on Sunday?

general borschevsky said...

Cheers, HLF. I was thinking about going to the signing, but I think I'll be at the Santa Claus Parade instead. It starts at Bloor and Christie and if you get there early before they start it's really fun to see all the floats up front and mingle with the costumed performers and marching bands.

Unknown said...

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