Sunday, December 13, 2009

Maple Leafs Alphabet Rhyme

For my two-and-a-half year old daughter. In the tradition of Dr. Seuss;

A is for ACC, the building the Leafs play in,
B is for Blake, or Bozak, or better yet, Beauchemin,
C is for Colton Orr, Christian Hanson, or Carl Gunnarson,
D is for discipline and depth at the defensive position,
E is for Exelby, F is for Finger,
G is Grabovsky, and H is a Hagman hat-trick game-winner,
I is for the ice they play on,
J is for the joy when they win,
K is for Kadri, Kessel, Kaberle, Komisarek, and Kulemin,
and L is for Lee, now that Stempniak fits in,
M is for MONSTER! and mustachulence, too,
N is for Nik, but it's not Hagman, nor Kulemin, who,
I'm thinking of (nor even, is it Antropov),
No, N is for Nikolai Borschevsky, it's true!
O is for OLAS, our Luke and Schenn,
P is for Poni, and I guess Q is for Quinn,
R is for Robert Reichel, no wait, that's terrible, let me try that again,
R is for Ron, our coach, Mr. Wilson,
S is for Stajan setting up Stempniak's shorthanded score,
T is for Toronto, TRUCULENT to the core,
U is for "us", Leafs Nation, united,
V is for Vesa, so don't get excited,
W is for White, a warrior supreme,
X is for XLB, who makes the list twice now it seems,
Y is for Yonge street, written in yellow crayon,
and Z is for Zezel, in heaven, with skates on.


eyebleaf said...

General, that was fantastic. I'm sure your daughter loved it.

Loser Domi said...

if i were to have any offspring, i'd read them this every night

Space Weed said...

Great work General

kidkawartha said...

General, it was almost perfect except you forgot Wendel.

general borschevsky said...

Thanks gang!

@kidk: You're right. I thought I might even edit it to read "W is for Wendel and White, our warriors supreme" but then I'd have to change D to Dougie and F for Felix and B for Bill Berg... The 93/94 team deserves one of it's own I suppose. I tried to keep this one within the current team as much as possible.

@LD: I can't wait for you to have offspring. That would be amazing.