Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year, A New Poll, And Much, Much More!

Hello Leaf fans from coast to coast and around the globe and welcome to 2009! This is our first post of the year and so we have quite a few announcements to kick things off.

First of all, the old poll is closed. 129 total votes. Congratulations, sort of, goes to Randy Wood, who was selected Least Memorable Leaf Player To Score An Overtime Goal In The Playoffs. He wasn't quite able sustain his 60% pace, finishing with 58% of the total vote, but it was a clear victory over runner up, Cory Cross, who picked up 36 votes (27%). For those that don't remember Randy Wood, or for those that think he was a do-nothing nobody with a hilarious porn-star name, 1967ers does the honour of setting you straight with this great post. Special thanks to eyebleaf and Greener for voting as often as they did!

Up next, a new poll! How exciting! The fun never stops around here. This time we want to know which former Leaf you would like to see one day return to the Maple Leafs. Wendel came back. Dougie came back for one unfortunate game, and Cujo has come back for his 450th career win, but an otherwise forgettable season so far. Who should be next? Who would you like to see the Leafs acquire, either at the trade deadline for one last hurrah (Gary Roberts), or in the summer for next year? Perhaps a retired veteran could even be talked into making a dramatic comeback? Vote now, change your mind, vote again, doesn't matter, 'cause the poll will be open for 100 days, right up until the end of the NHL season, April 11th.

Other announcements:

The BoOBbB III is coming! The Battle of Ontario resumes tonight with round 3 as the Leafs play the Ottawa Senators at the ACC, so I will be posting a blow-by-blow account of the game as soon as I can after it's over. So, probably long after anyone cares.

Carlo Colaiacovo injured? USAToday is reporting that poor old Carlo left last night's game in the first period after attempting a hip check on the Hurricane's Tuomo Ruutu. He will apperantlybe re-evaluated today. Our best wishes go out to Carlo, and we hope it's nothing serious and that he bounces back fast. For just one more week and then breaks his leg. I've got Jan. 10th to 16th in the injury pool. C'mon Carlo, we're so close! You can make it.

Stajan's eyes under lockdown! Or, at least, they should be. It's now 3 games and counting that he's already missed due to a nearly deadly mishap with a soccer ball. As everyone is well aware, Stajan's eyes are like a national freakin' treasure that need special protection. What I would like to know is why Stajan was not wearing his visor while in the vicinity of a game European's refer to as "kick-it-at-the-eye-ball"? When you think about it, shouldn't he have been? I propose that Stajan should permanently wear some sort of titanium and iron-plated helmet with a re-enforced fiberglass shield that comes down to his chin at all times. As a second safety layer of extra-precaution, Stajan should be outfitted with some kind of small, narrower, steel rimmed visor that he wears under the larger visor. When he's not on the ice for a game or practice, his entire head should be wrapped in cotton bandages and then the helmet and two visors reapplied.

My new favourite Leaf is Jonas Frogren, not for his talent so much, but for his honest effort and sacrifice. While the Leafs have not played well lately, winning only 2 of their last 6, and both of those came against Atlanta, Frogren's effort has been solid throughout. Though he does make the occasional error, he plays hard consistently; hitting his opponents, getting in their way, getting under their skin, and throwin' his body at shots with amazing bravery. For his sake, I hope the Leafs have an amazing second half and that Frogren enjoys, not just the experience of being in North America, but some success here as well.

Well, that's about it for now. I was going to do a little reminiscing about highlights and lowlights of the past year but that will have to wait for another post perhaps. The Leafs-Sens game is about to start, and we don't want to miss a minute of the action. Thanks, as always, for dropping by. Hope you can keep comin' back through 2009. Don't forget to vote in the poll!

Go! Leafs! Go!


eyebleaf said...

For the sake of all humanity, Gary Roberts needs to retire.

And I think you know who I voted for.

general borschevsky said...

Cheers, eyebleaf! Maybe Gary wants to retire as a Leaf? Also, I'm guessing you voted for Sundin, but you're not the only already. Should be an interesting poll. I have no idea who'll come out on top.